The Power Of Voice Biometrics

Voice biometrics uses someone’s unique vocal characteristics, like pitch, tone and rhythm of speech, to identify them in the same way other biometric technologies use digital fingerprints or retina scans.

The real business and operational benefits of voice biometrics is that a speaker can be authenticated over a range of remote channels facilitating convenience, efficiency and security. Unlike many other biometric modalities, it is not dependent on using a sophisticated device – a feature phone, IVR system or even traditional landline do the job.

The Benefits Of Voice

Mitigate Fraud

Fraud is rising in the form of account impersonations (the act of obtaining a legitimate user’s details to take over their online, credit cards, store cards, bank accounts for monetary or credit card theft purposes). Globally, Kaspersky Fraud Prevention reported that every second fraudulent transaction in the finance industry was an account impersonation in 2020. In South Africa, SAFPS has reported an increase of 337%.

Enhanced Security

With the ability to verify both agents and customers in the contact centre environment or enabling customers to utilise self-service channel once they’ve authorised themselves, a high level of security for the organisation and the customers is always maintained.

OneVault Watchlist Monitor

Access our OneVault Watchlist Monitor. This enables organisations to analyse calls and voiceprint data against watchlists in batch or real-time.  You can add to watchlists or categorise them in a number of ways – a known fraudster watchlist can help you be more proactive.

Customer Experience

Whether it’s enabling customers with self service (active voice biometrics) or empowering agents to deal with your request whilst verifying you at the same time (passive voice biometrics), this innovative solution delights customer and empowers internal resources.

Ease of Integration

Different customers have different needs and different environments.  Whether it is hosted, cloud or something in between we can work with you to find an integration solution that works for you.  Our strong track record in successfully implementing this solution across a variety of organisations mean you’re in good hands.

Reduce Operational Costs

Reducing the time spent on authentication delivers a significant return on investment for organisations. In contact centres, average handle time can be reduced and Agents are able to focus on the quality of the customer interaction whereas authentication in self-service channels results in streamlined processes and overall operational efficiency.

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