Voice Biometrics Use Cases


Use Cases

Caller Authentication into the Contact Centre

There are many communication channels through which organisations’ face significant costs –  not to mention risks -in appropriately authenticating callers.  Remote channels, such as contact centers, who deal with huge volumes of faceless callers are looking for enhanced authentication solutions that will give their callers a better customer experience and provide the proper levels of secure authentication for both the caller and the company.  This is where voice biometric authentication really adds significant value.

At OneVault, we provide both active and passive voice authentication solutions that will help mitigate the authentication risks, enhance the customer experience, improve security and confirm identity and – importantly – build a business case that is irrefutable.

Password Reset (and PIN or PUK)

It is commonly cited that up to 30% of calls into a service contact centre are for forgotten passwords and/or password resets.  The associated costs – both quantitative and qualitative – are enormous and deliver very little in respect of direct business value.

Speak to OneVault about how we can help you implement a secure, voice authenticated, self-service password solution that enables a user to take control of their own password reset requirements without impacting on valuable resources.  Our Password Reset solution allows you to authenticate with traditional KBA (security questions) and/or using your voice.  And Yes, you can add face into the process if you so wish!

Certificate of Existence/Proof of Life

Referenced as a Certificate of Existence (CoE), in other words determining proof of life – is a common requirement amongst Pension Funds, Beneficiary Services companies and the like.  The need to rigorously confirm a recipient’s identity in order to trigger a payment or payout is currently an onerous and highly administrative process putting significant onus on the recipient to provide volumes of identity information in the process.

OneVault is able to provide customers with voice authenticated CoE solutions that will streamline the process – with the appropriate levels of governance included – and deliver a customer friendly, efficient and secure solution for all parties.  Best of all, using voice – and face – biometric authentication as a process for confirming identity, the solution can be offered to recipients through remote channels alleviating the need for physical presence.

Remote Voice Login

In the same way that Passwords have become endemic to the way we – as consumers – engage with almost everything within a digital perspective, so to have the requirements to remember more and more passwords that require a range of complexity that is impossible to remember.  As organisations’ try to encourage their customers to engage with them via digital channels and online portals, this strategy only increases the pressure on the individual to remember yet another username and password.  For those organisations’ where a customer is unlikely to use it consistently, the likelihood of them forgetting their credentials increases exponentially.  The result? More calls – not less – into the contact centre for seemingly mundane yet authentication required calls.

Doesn’t quite seem to make sense does it? So, organisations’ pushing for self-service via online channels, often find themselves with increased calls into their contact centre, dissatisfied – or rather frustrated – customers who are forced to remember yet another set of credentials.

OneVault has developed a solution that can assist in taking this pain away.  Talk to us about integrating our Voice Login Authentication solution into your digital or online customer strategy.

Fraud Scanner

Contact centres remain one of the single biggest targets for individual and syndicated fraud as the human touch – that is the contact centre agents themselves – are traditionally dependent on authenticating customers through knowledge based security questions.  With the proliferation of personal information being widely available – and not very secure – fraudsters are becoming experts at social engineering and manipulating their way into accessing accounts.  Unfortunately,  contact centre agents are often none the wiser until after the fact.

What is it?

  • Enrol Fraudulent Call Recordings and build a Watchlist
  • Create Batches against a single watchlist – or multiple watchlists
  • View Potential Matches with your Fraud & Risk Teams

Digital eKYC

  • Creating an integrated, multi biometric, multi modal, digital identity for individuals is critical in the global move to digitization
  • Having a robust identity on-boarding process is requirement in an effort to overcome and enhance inherent organizational identity management
  • Building a digital platform to build a digitally verified single customer view offers a seamless digital ecosystem
  • It is a regulatory-compliant digital identity protected and encrypted by an advanced digital certificate can comply with different onboarding requirements, all managed through the platform
  • Offering organisations and individuals alike the ability to transition into the global, digital world and economy via a Digital Citizen solution is the future

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