Voice Biometrics Solutions




Passive Voice Biometric Authentication

Real-time passive voice biometrics allows callers into your contact centre to authenticate through natural conversation within first few seconds of a call with your contact centre consultants/agents. This means fewer frustrating questions and a shorter time to service your customer.

Voice Biometrics is a third factor authentication methodology and perfectly suited for use in remote channels e.g. within contact centres.

  • Optimise average handle time and drive operational efficiency
  • Improve customer satisfaction and convenience

Enhance security and mitigate against fraud


Active Voice Biometric Authentication

Active voice biometric allows customers to interact in a secure manner that can facilitate increased self-service and automation, enhance customer convenience whilst enabling higher levels of security for both the customer and the organisation.

Biometrics are more secure than other second factor authentication methods and offer robust enterprise level verification functionality that support remote channels e.g. digital, IVR, contact centre, etc. interactions.


Fraud Detection

Fraud is growing exponentially and is especially challenging within remote authentication environments such as contact centres.

The ability to interrogate voice audio against known fraud (imposter) audio and provide analysis to the Fraud and Risk team is of huge value.

Being able to direct the Fraud and Risk’s team to the most likely imposter calls saves time and enables a faster response and resolution to the mitigation of fraud and the limitation of losses.


Multi-biometric Digital eKYC

Identity Management in the world of digital interaction and devices requires a different way on engaging with potential and current customers. As a result, managing digital rights with the requisite amount of regulatory governance is an important part of the journey.

At OneVault we work with partners to deliver one of the most innovative, robust and advanced platform to enable you to be part of Identity Management of the future.

In a nutshell, when you onboard customers, your focus should be ‘once on boarded always on boarded’.

Using a multi biometric approach, we work with customers to build an efficient, organization wide, cross communication identity management platform and leverage the ability to manage identity to mitigate fraud and reduce imposter/identity risks.

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