Enabling Remote Proof-of-Life Through Voice Biometrics

How do you deliver a fast, secure and convenient proof-of-life solution that can successfully, and remotely, authenticate and confirm the identity and existence of your customers?

By implementing and integrating a customised voice biometric authentication solution within your organisation’s authentication process:

Our solutions expertise

Automate the authentication process

Improve efficiency

Enable secure transactions with your ‘real’ customers

Deliver a positive customer experience

Reduce fraud and identity theft

What is Proof-of-Life?

Proof-of-Life – or a Certificate of Existence – is the requirement to prove that an individual is alive.

Recipients of pensions, grants, etc. are expected to prove their existence through the fulfilment of a variety of requirements outlined by the organisation. This may include physical presence – to ensure the recipient is not deceased – which is then corroborated through fingerprint confirmation and legally endorsed supporting documentation.

Our Authentication Solution

OneVault’s active authentication platform enables building a highly flexible and scalable active authentication solutions for your organisation.

Our solution utilises an organisations’ Interactive Voice Response (IVR), web or mobile application enabling easy integration into your existing infrastructure.
The set-up is easy and maintenance of varied enrolment and authentication workflows can be optimised to suit the business process. We do this through web-based APIs (including SOAP and RESTful interfaces), allowing for direct connections to existing applications.

Our solution is compliant with personal privacy laws such as Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPIA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with specific conditions which we can guide you upon.

Different thresholds, passphrases or languages can be configured and selected using a configuration identifier.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Utilise Active Voice Biometrics to enable a remote, automated proof-of-life request
  • Enable more f requent proof-of-life requests with ease e.g. monthly, quarterly
  • Limit overpayments quickly due to regular and consistent checks
  • Mitigate fraud where recipients are legally no longer eligible for payments
  • Link proof-of-life authenticated confirmation to a more efficient and robust payment and disbursement mechanism
  • Reduce the onerous and expensive back-off ice process that validates proof-of-life
  • Reduce an organisations’ front off ice footprint and administration
  • Facilitate an enhanced, remote customer process especially where recipients are infirm, reside in a remote area or are elderly
  • Provide an ad hoc, real-time facility to run proof-of-life queries at will
  • Real-time reporting can be integrated into the organisations’ back-office systems

OneVault and Biometric Authentication

OneVault is a focused Biometric Authentication company. We unlock the power of every individual to facilitate a range of secure, remote biometric authentication channels.

  • Our focus has allowed us to develop a set of core competencies and capabilities that are unparalleled in the African market.
  • We are experts in distinguishing and authenticating your customers, employees and partners easily and securely.
  • OneVault offers our clients secure, easily accessible, 3rd factor authentication that seamlessly integrates with their IT infrastructure.
  • OneVault offers our clients voice, face and behavioural biometric solutions through on premise, hosted or hybrid commercial models.

About OneVault

We believe that there’s advice, and there’s sound advice. Advice means well, but most often does more harm than good. Sound advice comes from wisdom, and always guarantees results. With that, our mission is to ensure that brands and customers should interact safely and efficiently, at every stage of the journey.

We aren’t consultants. We are solutions partners; dedicated to helping bolster your Intelligent Authentication process and Fraud prevention measures. Starting in South Africa, OneVault has extended its footprint into the African market & beyond; in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, all the way to Pakistan.

Already have a voice biometric solution, but want to optimise it?