Account impersonation fraud increased in 2020 by 337%. WE CAN HELP.

Passive Voice Biometric Authentication is the best way to combat fraud in contact centres

The Solution: Our Passive Voice Biometric Solution seamlessly confirms the identity of a caller into  a contact centre by matching the audio against a previously enrolled voiceprint. This significantly improves the customer’s experience on repeat calls while enhancing security and decreasing call handle time.

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Why choose Passive Voice Biometrics?

Compelling Fraud Capabilities

Organisations are able to capture unique voiceprints of callers and build watchlists. Every incoming call can be evaluated against a known fraudster watchlist via the OneVault Watchlist Monitor, providing organisations the opportunity to proactively manage fraud delivering real business value to organisations.

Enhanced Security

By introducing much needed third-factor authentication in remote channels such as contact centres, the OneVault Passive Voice Biometric Solution removes the responsibility on employees/agents to authenticate customers in the face of increasingly sophisticated imposter crime and social engineering. With the ability to verify customers more accurately than is possible with traditional knowledge based authentication, a higher level of security for customers and companies is attained.

A better customer experience

Customers are enrolled through natural conversation and subsequently are assisted rapidly without divulging personal (and confidential) information in order to be authenticated. The experience of having a natural conversation with an agent about the core reason for their call rather than spending unnecessary time on ‘authentication’, is proven to have a significant and positive impact on customer experience.

Increased Efficiency

Reducing the time spent on authentication, reduces average handle time and delivers a significant return on investment for organisations. Agents are able to focus on the quality of the customer interaction resulting in overall operational efficiency.

Ease of Integration

OneVault have developed a number of components to facilitate the implementation and make it much easier for our customers to deploy passive voice biometrics within their environment. Components such as a pre-developed and pre-built Agent Biometric Interface provides a seamless integration for rapid deployment where the full integration into a customer’s CRM solution/s may complicate the implementation.

Our track record with implementations allows us to provide the IP and thought leadership to our clients; guiding and working with them to ensure implementation, operational processes and communication strategies are well considered. Finally, we share lessons learnt in order to successfully optimise your intelligent authentication solution.


Passive Voice Biometric Authentication allows organisations to verify the identity of a customer in a typical contact centre environment through the exchange of a normal conversation.

Voice biometrics uses someone’s unique vocal characteristics, like pitch, tone and rhythm of speech, to identify them in the same way other biometric technologies use fingerprints or retina scans. The advantage of voice authentication, however, is that it can be done without the person being present – for example, over the telephone or another remote channel. Passive voice biometric authentication takes place in the background; so while the customer is talking to a contact centre agent their voice is being matched against previous conversations.

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