Authentication Solution Implementation

Do you need assistance with implementing your authentication solution?

We created the Authentication Implementation service to help organisations who had been left in the lurch by solution vendors straight after the sale. Implementation support is one thing, but implementation hand holding and solution insight is critical.  That’s why choosing the right authentication solution isn’t the end of your journey, but just the start.

Just as with any good business idea, it’s all about how it will be implemented to see the envisioned returns. To see the greatest returns (a seamless authentication experience that makes sense to customers and a vast reduction in fraud), we look at your solution’s rollout holistically, for fundamental fixes and continuous monthly improvements.

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Contactless Fingerprint Biometrics

Customer On-boarding Solutions

Remote Authentication Solutions, e.g. WhatsApp

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Biometric background
model creation & evaluation

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Our Authentication Implementation
service is ideally suited you if:

  • You already have an authentication solution, but you’re struggling to implement it due to a lack of internal capacity and / or skills?
  • Are you paying $ pricing for implementation?
  • The implemented solution doesn’t adequately decrease the fraud your organisation is experiencing
  • You’ve been left in the lurch after buying the solution. The promised after sales service and training doesn’t exist!
  • You’ve got solution buy-in – now you need assistance with company and customer adoption
  • You need an independent expert and partner with you, throughout the implementation journey.

This is how we implement, how we can help

  • Solution Implementation including qualitative aspects that will enhance implementation success
  • Integration Services
  • We identify and challenge your authentication practices for better results
  • Ironing out the technical glitches with vendors
  • We look at the solution holistically, including business process changes, reporting, monitoring and continuous improvement
  • We engage key stakeholders to drive adoption
  • We act as your in-house team, driving continuous improvements

Advantages of effective Intelligent
Authentication Delivery and implementation


Expect shorter project timelines and sprints with our agile and committed team.


Reduction in project costs: Local pricing for world class expertise

Solution Adoption

Enjoy a greater number of customers and employees adopting the solution


Maximise the value of your solution by ensuring the technology ‘s potential is realised

Common KPIs that help improve

Average Handle Time or Agent Productivity (Calls handled)

Successful Authentication Rate

Single view of the customer

Customer Satisfaction

Fraud Detection Rate

First Call Resolution (FCR)

Business Process Optimisation

Self service & automation

Enrolment rate/total customers enrolled


Gain access to the following expertise:

  • Biometric specialists
  • Business & data analysts
  • Biometric solution architects & engineers
  • Marketing/change management specialists focusing on biometric implementations
  • Project management expertise in driving recommended solutions from start to finish
  • Over a decade of implementation experience across small to large organisations successfully


Guide: The essential considerations you can’t afford to ignore

With 10 years of experience, we’ve seen it all – so you don’t have to. When it comes to implementing an authentication solution, too often the focus  lies on the usual architectural solution’ requirements. But actually, there’s a lot more that needs to happen if your solution is going to be a success. Here, we outline three verticals you can’t afford not to tackle:

•  How will I get everyone on board?
•  How will I know if it’s working?
•  How will I successfully switch the business over?

Implementing a new authentication solution is no simple task to gloss over. It requires experience, thoughtful communication and change management to take the business and the relevant people on a journey. All until the solution is working so well, you’ll wonder how the business operated successfully and safely before.

Read this if:

  • You’re at a project kick off
  • In a planning meeting

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