Intelligent Biometric & Authentication Audits

Is your remote authentication solution working as it should?

More than just a performance scorecard, our authentication and biometric audit service encompasses 3 stages; reviewing your existing infrastructure and solution, the recommendation of remedial actions and then finally the remediation of any identified performance issues.

In short, the biometric and authentication audit service is all about making what you have function optimally.

Authentication Audit expertise



Contactless Fingerprint biometrics

Customer On-boarding Solutions

Remote Authentication Solutions, e.g. WhatsApp

Our Audit Services


Biometric background
model creation & evaluation

Ground truthing solutions
and techniques

An audit’s ideal customer

  • No one knows how to support your solution / the provider dropped you after the sale
  • You’ve currently got an existing biometric solution, but you’re having issues with it e.g. usage, availability, accuracy, adoption…
  • You’d like to evaluate if there are ways to improve your current biometric solution
  • The solution initially worked, but not anymore
  • The biometric system isn’t stacking up against the business case

This is how we audit, how we can help

  • Performing a thorough audit of your current call centre biometric implementation
  • We review all ancillary business & technical processes supporting the biometric platform
  • We assess your current biometric accuracy rate
  • We provide feedback & next steps on issues with business and technical support process
  • We provide feedback & next steps on issues with your biometric software
  • We build new models if required to improve accuracy
  • We advise on how to drive adoption in your organisation/customer base

The key advantages of doing a Biometric & Authentication Audit

Performance optimisation

Our team of experts have the skills needed to turn an underperforming solution around


Ensure best practice is being followed to mitigate organisational risk

Operational efficiencies

Maximise the value and return on investment from your current solution

Independent opinion

We give unbiased feedback, working with you to help you reach your goals


Gain access to the following expertise:

  • Biometric specialists
  • Business & data analysts
  • Biometric solution architects & engineers
  • Marketing/change management specialists focusing on biometric implementations
  • Project management expertise in driving recommended solutions from start to finish
  • Over a decade of implementation experience across small to large organisations successfully

The top 10 considerations before choosing a technology solution

Authentication Evaluation Audit

Want to know how your authentication solution compares to others? Take our 5-minute test and find out (very quickly!) how your solution is delivering against business needs, customers and general performance.

By the end of our authentication audit, you’ll find out if you’re:

a. A developing solution
b. Have room to grow
c. Your solution is best practice!

Read this if:

  • You want a short and snappy assessment about your solutions performance
  • You are curious about how much – or how little an authentication solution can offer you and your customers
  • You want to benchmark your performance

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