Intelligent Authentication Advisory Service

Can we help you tackle your Intelligent Authentication strategy?

Access trustworthy, unbiased subject matter experts who understand the holistic solution required to future proof your business.  Our Intelligent Authentication advisory service will ensure you’re positioned to safely engage with customers remotely with reduced customer friction and a solid approach to remain a step ahead of fraudsters. We identify and curate the right solution for your business’ needs.

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Customer On-boarding Solutions

Remote Authentication Solutions, e.g. WhatsApp

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Biometric background
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Our advisory service is ideally suited to you if:

  • You’re concerned about your existing customer identity authentication methods
  • You’d like to differentiate your contact centre experience for customers
  • You’d like to introduce remote customer identification & authentication methods
  • Fraud is a problem in your contact centre
  • You need assistance compiling a business case for the new solution
  • You require assistance in educating and engaging stakeholders about the new solution
  • You have a customer contact centre

This is how we advise, how we can help

  • Review of your (call centre/branch/remote customer) identification & authentication processes
  • Evaluate if (and which) intelligent authentication solution best fits the business
  • Create a financial model to assess which solution is right for you
  • Assess the complexity of implementing a new customer authentication solution
  • Determine which technology is best suited to improve your identification & authentication process
  • Insights on which vendors would best fit your organisational needs
  • Assist with building the business case for you and help you drive it through the approval process
  • Advise on driving adoption internally within the organization and the customer base
  • Train, present & sensitise relevant stakeholders in the decision-making process for a new solution

The key advantages of the right
Intelligent Authentication Strategy

Fraud Detection rate

The right Intelligent authentication solution will drastically reduce your exposure to fraud.

Customer experience

Improvement in CSAT & NPS scores. Improved First Call Resolution %  as callers are accurately authenticated – no need to call back / go into a branch

Agent Productivity (Calls handled)

  • ↑ Increased call volume per agent
  • 40%-90% less Average handle time

Independent opinion

We’ll give you unbiased feedback, working to help you reach your goals


Gain access to the following expertise:

  • Biometric specialists
  • Business & data analysts
  • Biometric solution architects & engineers
  • Marketing/change management specialists focusing on biometric implementations
  • Project management expertise in driving recommended solutions from start to finish
  • Over a decade of implementation experience across small to large organisations successfully

A pragmatic & easy way to assess your organisations authentication strategy

Authentication Maturity Model

When you’re building a business, team, or any kind of system, it’s invaluable to understand where you fit in. Our authentication maturity model will help you and your team map out where you stand now, and what your next steps and considerations should be, to keep on improving your security measures and customer experience.

Caveat: No organisation is the same – and so it’s only natural, that with more information (your current infrastructure, levels of fraud, your goals around customer experience), our next suggested best step could differ from the model proposed here. Still, many of the principles we’ve laid out in the Authentication maturity model stand, giving you a good idea of what best practice is, and the common themes we’ve seen in the business category.

Read this if:

  • You want an understanding of what best practice looks like.
  • You’d like to benchmark your systems maturity
  • You want to understand if your organizations risk is sufficiently secured through the solutions you currently have in place

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