Active Voice Biometric Authentication

Ensuring Seamless Customer Experience

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OneVault’s active authentication platform enables you to build highly flexible and scalable active authentication solutions within your call centre. This is a natural enhancement to any Interactive Voice Response (IVR), web or mobile application.

Our active authentication platform easily integrates into your existing contact centre infrastructure, resulting in easy setup and maintenance of varied enrolment and authentication workflows. Our web-based APIs (including SOAP and RESTful interfaces) allow for direct connections to existing applications. Sensitive user information is decoupled from the biometric voiceprint, enhancing the security of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Different thresholds, passphrases or languages can be configured and selected using a configuration identifier.

Key features and benefits

  • Text-dependent, text prompted and text-independent usage
  • Channel compensation for landline, mobile and data channel usage
  • Voice quality measurements
  • Playback detection algorithms
  • Integrated speech content checks
  • Cloud, Premise or On-Device
  • Easy integration to Android and iOS apps
  • Multiple use modes allow for a variety of application scenarios
  • Architected to allow for flexible deployment
  • Out-of-the-box tuned language packs for major languages

Biometric Authentication

OneVault provides voice biometric technology that enables organisations to better understand the “voice of the customer”. We do this by deploying a number of voice biometric authentication solutions that utilise active or passive voice biometric modalities. With the increase in remote interactions that organisations’ have with their customers, convenient and robust authentication strategies have never been more important. Whether the focus is customer experience, fraud prevention or both – voice biometrics can offer organisations significant business benefits. OneVault has the experience and insight to provide compelling biometric solutions to assist you with your customer engagement and authentication journey.

A better user experience

Active Authentication improves the customer experience by reducing hold and agent times simply by moving the identification and authentication task from live agents to automation.

The customer experience is quick, consistent, safer and more accurate.

Stronger authentication and application security

The last thing any enterprise needs is a high-profile data breach. It can take months, if not years, to recover from the reputational and financial consequences of such an event. Protect your business applications and users with an additional layer of security that uses biometrics to verify their identity and prevent unauthorised access to their accounts. Active multi-factor authentication can reduce unauthorised account access and data breaches, helping to eliminate fraud and identity theft.

Generate compelling cost savings

Biometric authentication can reduce operational and fraud costs. It enables you to move authentication transactions into (Interactive Voice Response) IVR, increasing containment. The more seamless the biometric authentication approach is, the lower the abandonment rates compared to other approaches. A Mastercard study showed that biometrics have a significantly lower abandonment rate than One Time Passwords (OTPs) [source: “Mobile Biometrics in Financial Services: A.Five Factor Framework”].

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About OneVault

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