What we do

We offer consulting and multi biometric Intelligent Authentication solutions, resulting in secure & efficient transactions and an unparalleled customer experience.

Why us:

A solid track record:

  • Our professional approach, IP and experience in the authentication space has all contributed to our proven track record for the past 10 years.
  • Our experience and insights that we’ve gained through multiple client rollouts can help make a success of your multi factor intelligent authentication implementations.

We are recognised as the go-to reference point for: 

  • Implementations/Applications across multiple channels using Active Voice Biometric Authentication
  • Implementations across contact centre channels using Passive (natural speech) Voice Biometric Authentication
  • New digital biometric modalities as well as an eKYCmulti-module application (voice, face, video, touchless fingerprint verification)

An extension of your team:

As your intelligent authentication solutions partner, we’d be happy to perform a business assessment and personalised business case that advocates for an improved authentication solution for your company. We would do this by determining the current authentication processes, policies and cost of fraud in order to calculate the overall Return on Investment (ROI).


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