About Us


About Us

Since inception, OneVault has been focused on its vision of developing innovative authentication solutions using best of breed technology platforms.  As technology evolves and multi-factor authentication becomes even more prevalent, we are proud to be able to offer additional biometric modalities that will support our client’s authentication requirements.  With our track record in voice biometrics and successful implementations, we are able to offer face biometrics along with digital, multi-channel, multi-biometric platforms that enhance our offerings and transform your business.


Our Track record and Experience

An Authentication solution is not something you can simply plug in.  There are significant development, planning, integration and business implementation requirements that support your technology enabled authentication processes.  OneVault can help you define these and ensure that the many qualitative aspects you need to consider are taken into account.

Whether you require a Passive Voice (Agent Assisted) Authentication Solution, an Active Voice (Automated/Self-Service) Authentication Solution or a combination of other biometric modalities such as Fraud Detection  (Batch or Real-time in combination with Passive Voice Authentication), our multi-channel, multi-biometric, Digital Solution, OneVault will help you define what is best for your business and your customers.


OneVault’s Expertise and Guidance

OneVault has significant capability in the South African marketplace for delivering voice biometric solutions and are proud and excited to be taking this expertise into the rest of Africa.  We pride ourselves on our insight and our ability to assist our clients think about, engage and implement innovative voice biometric solutions.  More recently, we have extended our biometric modalities to include face biometrics along with solutions firmly focused in the more comprehensive Identity Management arena.  Our partnerships in this space are both innovative and forward thinking and we are excited about the opportunities that the combination can offer our clients.

We believe in the power of strong authentication and are happy to work with our clients with initial business assessments to determine current authentication processes and policies and to tie this back to a business case and Return on Investment (ROI) analysis.

Our experience in implementations and the insight we have gathered through multiple client roll-outs can help clients make a success of their voice and other biometric authentication implementations.

Ongoing, we can assist our clients manage the ongoing ‘tuning’ of their biometric solutions and optimise their biometric solutions for enhanced productivity, security and customer experience.

Speak to OneVault about how we can help with your biometric authentication strategies. Quite simply, it is what we do!

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