OneVault News is now Monthly

OneVault News is now Monthly

For those of you who have noticed the absence of the OneVault weekly news update, we have made the decision to distribute our news update on a monthly basis. We will continue to update our Twitter feed regularly with interesting or topical voice biometric commentary.


Mobility Matters

In many respects, two of the key advantages of voice biometric authentication is the fact that it is the only biometric that allows remote access and – if you are anything like most people – it means you don’t have to remember multiple and complex  passwords. Imagine never having to remember another password…….


In our world of prolific, mobile online communication being able to apply a solution that addresses remote, access as well as ‘allowing’ a password that is secure as it can be without having to remember it – sounds almost too good to be true.


Voice biometric authentication rapidly being adopted globally and the antiquated ‘username/password’ process could be a thing of the past in the not too distant future. We say, “Bring it on!”


Read, “Mobility Matters: Biometrics Rising.”


In the same vein, a growing number of corporations and mobile app developers are using voice biometrics to allow access to important services, read the piece on “Best practice methods for ensuring the use of voice biometrics in contact centres.”


Until next month…