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The trusted, proven authority on intelligent authentication and fraud detection.

We believe that organisations and customers should be able to remotely interact safely and efficiently, at every stage of the journey.

As a solutions partner to our clients, we focus on robust remote Biometric Authentication Solutions for secure transacting.

Our tailored consulting services are designed to assist small, medium & large organisations with Intelligent Authentication & Fraud Detection solutions.


Harness the power of your customers’ voice

Popular features:

  • Remote, robust authentication
  • Convenient
  • Multi-modal, multi-channel


Unnoticed when used effectively, felt when not present.

Popular features:

  • Superior Customer Experience
  • Enhanced security
  • Increased efficiency


Give your customers the power of self service

Popular features:

  • Enable biometric self service
  • Stronger authentication and application security
  • Ease of integration
  • Multi-channel


Your fraud costs are rising – we can help

Fraud scanner:

  • Build multiple watchlists
  • Embedded with passive voice biometrics = real-time notification
  • Batch solutions for specific use cases
  • Mitigate losses through enhanced biometric identification


The most efficient way to remotely prove life – with voice biometrics

Popular features:

  • Enable remote, automated proof-of-life requests
  • Real-time reporting
  • Reduce costly back-office process to validate proof-of-life

Our Consulting Approach

Every organisations journey is unique. What’s your need?

Whether you’re at the beginning of your digital authentication transformation journey, in the middle, or looking to enhance and introduce solutions that fit remote and seamless customer transactions, we’ve got the experience to assess and guide you on your intelligent authentication strategy.


Review, recommend & remedy

Popular features:

  • A review of your existing solutions
  • Recommend remedial actions
  • Remedy performance issues.


Trusted, unbiased subject matter expertise

Popular features:

  • Identify your business’ requirements
  • Curate a holistic solution
  • RFP generation.


Ensuring solution success

Popular features:

  • Experience in total solution implementation
  • Expertise in ironing out technical glitches with vendors.


Every clients’ requirements & expectations are unique. What binds them, is the knowledge that 1st factor &  2nd factor authentication no longer offers adequate security for their business or a differentiated enough customer experience.  Which side do you fall on?

Authentication Maturity Model

When you’re building a business, team, or any kind of system, it’s invaluable to understand where you fit in. Our authentication maturity model will help you and your team map out where you stand now, and what your next steps and considerations should be, to keep on improving your security measures and customer experience.

Caveat: No organisation is the same – and so it’s only natural, that with more information (your current infrastructure, levels of fraud, your goals around customer experience), our next suggested best step could differ from the model proposed here. Still, many of the principles we’ve laid out in the Authentication maturity model stand, giving you a good idea of what best practice is, and the common themes we’ve seen in the business category.

Read this if:

  • You want an understanding of what best practice looks like.
  • You’d like to benchmark your systems maturity
  • You want to understand if your organizations risk is sufficiently secured through the solutions you currently have in place

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