Transact Instant Messaging Authentication

Providing authentication solutions for PC, Smart Phone, Tablet, etc. users is relatively easy but up until now, not for the millions of people who use basic feature phones to conduct – or would like to conduct – their business in a far more secure fashion.

A OneVault developed – and presently being patented – voice biometric authentication transactional solution will enable secure transactions that engage both the individual of the feature phone as well the organization that is servicing and providing business solutions for this target audience.  Why should feature phone users’ be penalised by carrying more risk for their transactional business or simple financial transaction needs?

And Yes, the same user driven instant messaging transaction protocols we apply in a feature phone environment can be integrated into smart device technology if this the approach you favour.

Speak to OneVault about our global, world first, Instant Messaging Authentication Application.  It can change the lives – securely – for your customers forever!


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