OneVault applauds Vodacom’s innovative launch of voice biometrics to their customers’

Johannesburg, South Africa – 17 October, 2014 – OneVault – a South African-based, specialist biometric company – confirmed the importance of Vodacom’s announcement around their introduction of secure, convenient interaction access via the implementation of voice biometrics.

Voice biometrics is leading the way internationally to transform self-service channels for customers – making interactions with clients far more seamless and automated. Enabling new levels of self-service requires new levels of authentication given the fact that customers engage remotely. With the significant increase in identity theft and fraud where imposters are accessing accounts, websites, etc. that don’t belong to them – the requirement for organisations to review their authentication strategies has never been more important.

The voice biometric technology implemented at Vodacom has involved a combination of different vendors namely OneVault, Nuance (NASDAQ: NUAN) and Dimension Data.

“As Vodacom wanted to be a first to market with this solution for their customers, they selected OneVault due to our extensive local experience in the technical, operational and demographic complexities of Voice Biometrics. This has been an exciting project for us to be involved in, not only because of the unique complexities of Vodacom’s technical and operational environment but also as the positive impact on driving Voice Biometrics in South Africa. As a specialist voice biometrics company in South Africa, we are acutely aware of the take up of voice biometrics globally and we understand the significant business value that multi-level, third factor authentication can offer corporates and customers alike,” said Ravin Sanjith, COO, OneVault.



About OneVault

  • OneVault is a focused Biometric Voice Authentication company. We unlock the power of every individual’s voice to provide the most secure, remote authentication channel available.
  • Our focus with respect to the voice biometrics space, has allowed us to develop a set of core competencies and capabilities that are unparalleled in the South African market.
  • OneVault offers our clients secure, easily accessible, 3rd factor authentication that seamlessly integrates with their IT infrastructure.
  • OneVault’s hosted offering means our clients’ can leverage our ‘tuned’ voice authentication engine resulting in fast, simple solution deployment.