In the same way that Passwords have become endemic to the way we – as consumers – engage with almost everything within a digital perspective, so to have the requirements to remember more and more passwords that require a range of complexity that is impossible to remember.  As organisations’ try to encourage their customers to engage with them via digital channels and online portals, this strategy only increases the pressure on the individual to remember yet another username and password. For those organisations’ where a customer is unlikely to use it consistently, the likelihood of them forgetting their credentials increases exponentially.  The result? More calls – not less – into the contact centre for seemingly mundane yet authentication required calls.

Doesn’t quite seem to make sense does it? So, organisations’ pushing for self-service via online channels, often find themselves with increased calls into their contact centre, dissatisfied – or rather frustrated – customers who are forced to remember yet another set of credentials.

OneVault has developed a solution that can assist in taking this pain away. Talk to us about integrating our Login Authentication solution into your digital or online customer strategy.


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