OneVault :: Voice Biometric Authentication

OneVault is a focused Voice Biometric Authentication company.  We unlock the power of every individual’s voice to provide the most secure, remote authentication channel available.

  • Our focus with respect to the voice biometrics space, has allowed us to develop a set of core competencies and capabilities that are unparalleled in the South African market.
  • OneVault offers our clients’ secure, easily accessible, 3rd factor authentication that seamlessly integrates with their IT infrastructure.

OneVault offers and enables voice authentication solutions that suit our clients’ needs.

Whether you are looking for:

  • a passive authentication solution (i.e. agent assisted and the customer is unaware that their voiceprint is being authenticated in the background),
  • an active authentication solution (i.e. a customer is required to enrol their voice and offers the benefits of automation and self-service)
  • or would like to use our hosted active authentication solution that can leverage our ‘tuned’ voice authentication engine resulting in fast, simple solution deployment,

OneVault is the voice authentication specialist in the South African market place.


What Our Client’s Say

The positive impact on the customer experience has been startling! Love the product.
Being able to use a hosted/bureau solution has enabled us to implement this voice based process quickly and without huge investment. We have seen the business benefits immediately.
Our Contact Centre costs have been increasing exponentially as more customers interact online and via voice channels.
Our IT Helpdesk staff are much happier now that they don’t have to deal with password reset calls which they view as an unnecessary intrusion.
Our Supervisors are generally much happier not having to spend so much of their day on checking attendance.
This automated and authenticated process means that we can manage the data daily per individual, with a level of data integrity that we have never previously been able to achieve.